Spray Tans

Spray tanning - the bronzed glow you want, without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure or tanning beds.

Why Sunescape spray tan?

With added vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils, Sunescape's natural organic tan formula gives a tan that looks so good your friends will be asking 'where have you been?'

As well as giving you a gorgeous bronzed glow, Sunescape is also packed with nourishing, hydrating ingredients including coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, kiwi seed extract, avocado oil, vitamin C and vitamin E to repair, soften and rejuvenate skin.

How do I prepare for the spray tan?

We advise you to exfoliate thoroughly before your tanning treatment to remove dead skin to give you a smooth base for the spray tan to develop on -this also makes the tan last longer.

You can choose to have an exfoliating treatment in the salon right before your spray tan or you can do it at home - just make sure you do one or the other for the best results!

What happens during the spray tanning treatment?

It's simply a matter of stripping down to the pair of paper pants that we provide, and adopt a series of poses while our therapist sprays you with an even, streak-free tan - the fine mist allows an even application all over, with no patchiness.

After allowing the spray tan to dry for a few minutes, you are free to put on your clothes (dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip flops are best) and head for home.

Will I be brown straight away?

The guide colour means that you have a lush bronze glow straight away. The self tan develops over the next 8 hours and with our rapid formula you can shower the guide colour off after just two hours, while your spray tan colour continues to develop over the next 8 hours.

If you prefer, you can leave the guide colour on for more than 2 hours or even over night - the choice is yours.

How long will the spray tan last?

Typically spray tan can last anything from 3-7 days.

If you exfoliate well before hand and moisturise well each day afterwards, your spray tan will last for the longest possible time. We also stock Sunescape's gorgeous home care products to help you maintain your golden glow for the longest time.

Is there a choice of colour?

Choose the depth of colour you want, with our four "destinations"

  • Weekend in Bondi (light)
  • Week in Fiji (medium)
  • Month in Maui (dark)
  • Summer in Santorini (ultra dark)

How long does the spray tan take to apply?

It's fast - in only 20 minutes you can go from being pale and white to having a gorgeous bronzed colour.

To book your Spray Tan please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much does a Spray Tan cost?

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