Waxing provides a quick method of semi-permanent hair removal great for that super smooth holiday body or simply to be hair free!

We offer 2 choices of wax for sensitive areas - traditional cream wax which we remove with a strip and also a hot wax which is applied in a thick layer and removed without a strip.
Read more about hot waxing here

Which areas can be waxed?

Most places on the body and face can be waxed. Eyebrows, bikini, under arm and leg waxing are always popular treatments at the salon.

Inside the nose and ears cannot be waxed or on the eyelid but we can do just underneath the eyebrow.

For best results for the eyebrows see Precision Brows.

What are the different types of bikini waxing?

  • A standard bikini which is to the knicker line with nothing removed from the top,
  • A Brazilian bikini wax is to a high cut knicker line with some removal from the top,
  • A Californian bikini wax is total removal underneath just leaving a landing strip at the front
  • A Hollywood bikini wax is total removal of bikini hair.

What happens during a waxing treatment?

We leave you to undress (if necessary) in one of our private treatment rooms while we wash our hands with antibacterial soap.

We then cleanse the area to be waxed with sterilising lotion. Then we apply a thin even layer of cream wax and with the use of a material/paper strip we remove the wax along with the hairs.

When we are finished treating an area we massage in some soothing after wax lotion and check over with tweezers to ensure there are no stray hairs left behind. We then leave you to dress in private.

How long should the hairs be before the waxing treatment?

At least 5-6mm (1/4 of an inch) long to get the best results from waxing. As the hair grows in stages you may find some of the shorter ones come through quicker so the longer the hairs are the better.

Does waxing hurt?

Some clients find that waxing is a bit painful while others say that it doesn't bother them. Obviously we all have areas that are more sensitive than others but the pain you feel is so very quick and well worth it.

As experienced waxers we know how to minimise any pain you may feel and the more you wax the less it hurts!

Are there other methods of hair removal?

Yes - we also offer Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments and Electrolysis. Both provide for permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair reduction which works by passing a small amount of energy into the hair follicle through a very fine needle. This produces heat which destroys the cells that produce the hair at the base of the follicle. Each hair is treated individually so this method is slow but works well on small areas such as the face.

Multiple treatments are needed which vary with each individual. A complimentary consultation is given prior to your first treatment. Show electrolysis treatments

How long does waxing last?

If the hairs are long enough to wax then they should stay away for at least two weeks and anything up to six weeks.

I'm going on holiday - when should I have my waxing done?

For best results have your waxing done about 2-3 days before you go away. If you will be exposing the area to the sun you must wait until all redness has disappeared (and always use sun protection!!).

If you are considering spray tanning leave 24 hours in between and obviously tan after being waxed as the wax removes dead skin from the surface.

What should I do to prepare for waxing?

Stop shaving or using depilatory creams for at least two weeks beforehand. Exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin and to free any trapped hairs under the surface.

Always moisturise well as dry skin often makes waxing more painful but do not use a moisturiser the day of your waxing as it stops the wax from sticking to the hairs.

Waxing aftercare

  • Do not expose the area that has been waxed to the sun, any excessive heat like sunbeds/saunas/steam rooms for 24 hours.
  • Do not have your bath or shower too hot and avoid perfumed products on the area.
  • If underarms are waxed avoid anti perspirants and deodorants for 24 hours.

What will my skin look like immediately after waxing?

Most people get the "plucked chicken" look...this is normal, some people bleed a little especially if the hairs are thick but that should all go within 24 hours but usually after a few hours. The more times you have waxing the less painful it gets and the hairs seem to grow back finer and slower.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

Most types of hair removal can distort the follicles that the hairs grow from. Professional waxing helps to minimise this problem but some people are more prone to ingrown hairs especially on the bikini line area which tend to look like spots. Exfoliating at home can help especially when the hairs are growing back.

An alternative to waxing is Intense Pulsed Light.

Waxing for men

We can wax chest, back and eyebrows. We do not wax intimate areas on men.

To book your waxing treatment please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much does waxing cost?

Bikini Wax


A standard bikini wax which is to the knicker line with nothing removed from the top.

Brazilian Bikini Wax


To a high cut knicker line with some removal from the top.

Californian Bikini Wax


Total removal underneath just leaving a landing strip at the front.

Hollywood Bikini Wax


Total removal of all bikini hair on top and underneath.

Eyebrow Wax


Waxing of the eyebrows to give a more groomed finish.

Underarm Wax


Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Half Leg Wax


Includes the lower legs and knees.

Full Leg Wax

£36.00 (30 mins)

Full Back Wax


Upper Back or Chest Wax


Full Leg and Bikini Wax


Full Leg and Brazilian Wax


Full Leg and Californian Wax


Full leg and Hollywood Wax


Total removal of all bikini hair on top and underneath as well as removal from your legs from top to toe.

3/4 Leg Wax


Includes the lower legs and knees as well as half of the upper legs.

Forearm Wax


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