Pyramid Facelift

Image showing the Pyramid Face Lift being applied

Why Divine Pyramid Facelift?

Divine Pyramid Facelift is a surgery free alternative to Botox and fillers that works using more natural methods.

It is so successful because it works on every single layer of your skin and even your muscles! This treatment is designed to lift, smooth and firm your face, leaving you looking and feeling more youthful.

The benefits of the Pyramid Facelift:

  • Dermal Volumising
  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Facial contouring
  • Acne Scarring reduction

The 3 technologies used in the Pyramid Facelift:

  • VoluDerm micro-needling with Radio Frequency

    provides a safe and effective penetration of the epidermis for controlled heating, targeting the deep dermis. This minimally invasive treatment uses fine micro-needles while applying RF to volumize the deep dermal layer. The micro-needles stimulate the body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin

  • TriFractional Radio Frequency

    rejuvenates the outer epidermis layer. This minimally invasive treatment creates micro-wounds which trigger the body's natural healing response mechanism. Old and damaged skin cells are removed and the body produces new and healthy skin cells.

  • TriPollar Radio Frequency with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA)

    is the only non-invasive technology which uses radio frequency energy to generate heat through resistance in both the dermal and subcutaneous layers causing collagen fibres to contract. This creates an immediate skin tightening effect. Increased fibroblast activity results in collagen regeneration for a long term effect. Dynamic Muscle Activation energy stimulates the facial muscles resulting in lifting and toning of the superficial facial muscle system. DMA accelerates lymphatic drainage, blood and lymph circulation optimizing tissue oxygenation and detoxification.

Divine Pyramid Facelift before and after photographs
To book your Pyramid Facelift treatment please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much does a Pyramid Facelift cost?

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