Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Have you tried every diet without success? Hypnotherapy can help you to change your relationship with food permanently.

Why is it that whenever we try a diet we may lose weight initially and then as soon as we stop the diet the weight creeps back on again? The reason is that we have not actually changed our lifestyle or our relationship with food.

We all tend to eat for different reasons, most commonly, comfort or boredom and yet if we listened to our body and only ate when we were hungry then not only would we lose weight but also we would be able to obtain more pleasure from our food.

Hypnotherapy is able to permanently change your relationship with food so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and reach your ideal weight.

What happens during your first visit to our hypnotherapist?

Judi Butler
Clinical Hypnotherapist
B.A. D.Hyp

During your first visit Judi, our clinical hypnotherapist, will ask you questions about your diet and lifestyle. She will use this meeting to assess the benefits of hypnotherapy to you as an individual. She will then discuss a proposed plan of treatment and will arrange for you to attend for a further appointment.

Prior to your next appointment she will have prepared a hypnosis script particularly for you based on the information she has obtained at the initial meeting.

What is hypnotherapy?

The term hypnosis is derived from the Greek word Hypnos meaning 'sleep' and the state of hypnosis is very similar to the feeling you have just before you fall asleep at night.

During a hypnotherapy session our clinical hypnotherapist will ask you to make yourself comfortable on a beauty couch in a private room. She will then gently talk to you until you reach a state of deep relaxation. When you are fully relaxed she will implant the ideas into your mind that are required in order to bring about the necessary change in your eating habits.
You will be fully aware and in control throughout the session but you will find that in this altered state of consciousness you are particularly responsive to her ideas and suggestions.

Hypnotherapy has many benefits and whilst you will be delighted with your weight loss most clients also find that they feel much calmer and more relaxed after each session.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Sports performance
  • Confidence
  • Phobias
  • Relaxation
  • Pain control
  • Anxiety
To book your Hypnotherapy Session please telephone the salon on: (0191) 2818775 or you can contact Judi directly on: 07810274976

How much does a Hypnotherapy Session cost?

  • £80 per hour

Client testimonials...

"Having tried to lose weight for years, I have finally been given the clarity, confidence and determination to succeed - I just wish I'd met Judi years ago Judi provided me with a safe, supportive and honest environment in which to understand the reasons why I lost control of my weight and a framework to regain control It works!"

"Over the course of 4 sessions with Judi I have lost a stone and a half. Hypnotherapy has helped me to accept that I am responsible for my weight and what I put into my body. By learning to eat only when I am truly hungry, I now enjoy food so much more! I am finally on the right track to my healthy target weight."

To book phone: (0191)2818775