Gel Nails

Beautifully polished nails

Gel Nails are infused with vitamins to keep your natural nails healthy. They have a wonderful gloss finish that is instantly dry and lasts around 2 weeks on finger nails, much longer on toes as they grow more slowly.

Gel can be added to any of our manicure and pedicure treatments for beautiful, healthy nails.

The Gel Nails treatment involves filing of your nails and light cuticle work followed by applying thin coats of gel to your natural nails which are set under an LED lamp.

The treatment doesn't damage your own nails - and in fact most people find that their nails grow better than ever before because the gel is very protecting to your own nails underneath.

The finished gel nails look totally natural with a wonderful gloss finish. Also great for toe nails as the gel dries straight away so you can put your shoes without having to wait.

What colours are available?

The choice of colours ranges from pale shell pink to bright corals and dark plums, and a French finish is also available.

Once your nails emerge from the LED lamp, they will be completely dry so there's no risk of spoiling the finish by denting, smudging or marking the polish when you slip your jacket on or rummage in your handbag afterwards.

BIAB (builder in a bottle)

BIAB - builder gel in a bottle can be used as an overlay on your natural nails to give extra strength or as a layer over nail extensions where we first apply an extension tip to give length and then use the BIAB to give strength to the whole nail.

BIAB comes in a range of beautiful nude shades so can be left like this or you can choose to have a coat of your preferred coloured gel or Shellac over the top.

BIAB can be infilled or soaked off.

Removing Gel

When the time comes to remove the Gel, we will soak your nails in removal pads for around 10-15 minutes and then gently remove the gel. Homecare kits are also available if you would prefer to remove your Gel nails at home.

Do's and don't's

Gel gives your nails a hard wearing coating which really helps to protect your nails from everyday wear. To get the best out of your Gel, please remember to use your nails as 'jewels not tools' as they are not infallible and always wear gloves when using chemicals such as cleaning products.

To book your Gel Nails please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much do Gel Nails cost?

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