Electrolysis - Permanent hair removal

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Electrolysis - permanent hair removal from small areas such as the face, around the nipples and the stomach centre line.

We also offer an advanced form of electrolysis for the treatment of thread veins on the face.

What happens during an electrolysis hair removal treatment?

For hair removal, the treatment involves the insertion of a very fine probe, around the thickness of a hair, into the hair follicle.

The insertion of this probe is not generally felt as the hair follicle is a natural opening in the skin - the probe is passed into the follicle and therefore does not pierce the skin.

Heat is passed through the probe to cauterise the hair at the root. The hair is then removed.

Most hairs will need more than one treatment, but there will be a constant, gradual decrease in the growth of the hair.

The amount of treatment required to achieve permanent removal of the hair differs with each person, so we offer a consultation without obligation to have any treatment - just a chance to have electrolysis explained in detail.

What causes unwanted hair?

Hair growth is often traced to hereditary factors, and sometimes stress and certain illnesses can stimulate growth. Also certain drugs and medications or just the normal hormonal changes at different stages of life can increase growth. Sometimes simply a sensitivity to normal levels of hormones can stimulate hair growth.

Which areas can electrolysis remove hair from?

Any area with the exception of very sensitive areas such as the eyelids.

Due to the fact that electrolysis treats each hair individually, it is more commonly used for small areas like the face - larger areas such as the bikini line, legs and underarms are usually better suited to Ellipse (intense pulsed light treatment).

A consultation with one of our experienced therapists will help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Is the electrolysis treatment painful?

Electrolysis is generally mildly uncomfortable rather than painful.

There may be more discomfort in sensitive areas like just under the nose on the top lip but we are very careful to be as gentle as possible and work with you to give you the most comfortable treatment possible.

Following the treatment you will experience a feeling of warmth in the area for a short time along with some redness.

The time it takes for the redness to go is depending on your skin's sensitivity and generally lasts anything from 10 minutes to a day.

We apply a special soothing cream after treatment which can also be purchased for home use.

To book your electrolysis treatment please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much does electrolysis cost?

Electrolysis consultation - Hair Removal

£20.00 20 mins

A consultation with our experienced electrolysis therapist will help you to decide if this is the best treatment for you. Includes up to 10 minutes treatment time to assess your skin's reaction to the treatment. This is an essential step before any full electrolysis treatment at our salon.

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Electrolysis 10 minutes


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Electrolysis 20 Minutes


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Electrolysis 30 mins


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