Antioxidant Facials by Caudalie

Allow yourself to be pampered by the expert hands of Vinotherapists, who will lavish upon you our exceptional treatments with Caudalie products

Lauded by doctors and surgeons across the world for their exceptional results and antioxidant properties.

Caudalie is a most beautiful, and glamorous French skincare brand, that combines the latest scientific techniques with ancient secrets from their vineyards in Bordeaux.

A Caudalie product delivers gorgeous textures and aromas that are a delight on the skin whilst delivering exceptional results.

Caudalie Vinotherapists are extensively trained to deliver the ultimate in luxurious, indulgent treatment experiences, which are globally recognised as a must have treatment experience.

Caudalie facial treatments were developed from the unique combination of our patented grape and grapevine ingredients with the latest skincare techniques.
In the hands of our Vinotherapists, you will experience a sensorial treatment and relaxing massages for a firmer, healthier, more beautiful skin.

To book your Caudalie Facial please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or book online using the links below:
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