Single Gel Nail £6.50

Evo Gel with Signature Manicure £60.00

Evo Gel with Express Manicure £40.00

Evo Gel with more intense cuticle work £50.00

Evo Gel with Express Pedicure £50.00

Evo Gel with Signature Pedicure £60.00

Evo Gel Removal £15.00

CACI Hydratone Facial £43.00

Express Manicure £25.00

Signature Manicure Treatment £34.00

Luxury Signature Manicure Treatment £45.00

Signature Manicure with Shellac £44.00

Signature Manicure with Paraffin Wax £45.00

Luxury Signature Manicure with Shellac £55.00

Foot Express £20.00

Express Pedicure £36.00

Signature Pedicure Treatment £46.00

Luxury Signature Pedicure Treatment £56.00

Express Manicure with Shellac £35.00

Express Pedicure with Shellac £46.00

Signature Pedicure with Shellac £56.00

Hand Express £20.00

Luxury Signature Pedicure with Shellac £65.00

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