Richard Peppiatt - Harley Street Certified Facial & Body Aesthetic Practitioner (Specialist Honours)

Image showing the effects of Botox injections

Botox Injections for softening fine lines and wrinkles

Richard provides Botox treatments that can temporarily smooth lines for both men and women.

This treatment involves simple injections, which give noticeable reductions in those frown lines around the eyes and forehead. View some of Richard's work »

The Botox injections are part of our range of non surgical treatments to counter the effects of lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, fresher look to your skin.

How long will the Botox treatment take?

Richard first offers a free 20-30 minute Botox consultation and undertakes a thorough medical assessment to help identify a persons requirements for treatment.

The actual Botox treatments then take around 20- 30 minutes for each session.

How does the Botox treatment work?

It reduces the contractions of the muscles around the forhead and eyes that cause those persistent lines and wrinkles. It stops the skin getting creased and allows it to recover causing the deep lines to soften and even sometimes fade away. View some of Richard's work »

How often are Botox treatments needed?

Treatments are recommended every 3-4 months for the first year, less frequent after repeated treatments.

How safe is Botox?

There is a small risk of bruising and swelling following treatment with all injectable treatments. Richard will fully discuss any possible risks and complications with you during your initial consultation. The Botox injections are very safe and effective and your final result will look natural. Sometimes a combination of treatments is required to give the best possible results for you - Richard will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation and treatment.

For your 20-30 minute free consultation contact Jesmond Beauty Clinic on 0191 2818775

Botox treatment prices:

  • 1 area £150
  • 2 areas £250
  • 3 areas £290
To book phone: (0191)2818775

About Richard

Richard has 12 Years Experience in Aesthetic Medicine and is certified as an Advanced Medical Practitioner in the Aesthetic Field.