Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic Nail Extensions done at Jesmond Beauty

Why choose acrylic nails?

If you are looking to change the length and shape of your natural nails with the emphasis on keeping them healthy then our acrylic extensions are for you.

There's a popular misconception that acrylic nails need to be long talons but a lot of our clients wear them at a very natural, manageable length. Often you wouldn't know that they've been extended.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylics are a combination of an extension tip cut to size, then a mix of liquid & powder applied over the top. They are then shaped into whatever look you desire - from short almond to lavishly, long stiletto.

How are acrylic nails applied?

We start your acrylic nails by looking at the health of the nail bed and discussing the look you want to achieve with the nail extensions.

  • Firstly, the cuticles are pushed back and the ends of your nails are straightened.
  • We then gently take away any surface shine from your nail and remove any dry skin. This creates a key for the acrylic to adhere to. We NEVER use nail drills.
  • We then measure each nail to size the acrylic extension tip. All 10 are glued on and cut to your preferred length.
  • A primer is then applied to remove any excess oils that would affect the adhesion of the acrylic nails.
  • Now the magic part! A mixed bead of acrylic liquid and powder is moulded over the surface to create a beautiful natural looking nail.
  • The acrylic nails quickly dry to a durable finish that is buffed to a high sheen.
  • You can then go ahead and choose a colour from our Shellac range. This is cured under an LED light making it instantly dry. Alternatively, you can choose one of our quick drying, longer lasting polishes which dry in 7 minutes.
  • Your acrylic nails treatment finishes with the famous Solar Oil which conditions and protects your cuticles and beautiful new nail extensions.

How long does it take to apply acrylic nails?

Your Acrylic nails treatment can take from 1 hour to an hour and a quarter depending on whether you're having Shellac or nail polish finish.

How do I look after my acrylic nails?

To take care of your nails at home we recommend you use Solar Oil daily. This oil can penetrate gel and acrylic to keep your own nail healthy and hydrated. It also has a natural anti-inflammatory to stop any excess skin growth which can lift your acrylic nails. It's important to keep your acrylics clean and dry and we recommend returning to the salon in 2-3 weeks for an infill or a removal. Any longer than this can unbalance your nail bed and you're more likely to suffer from lifting or losing your nail extensions.

Please note: we do not offer removal of extensions that have been applied by other salons.

To book your Acrylic Nail Extensions please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much do Acrylic Nails cost?

Removal of Acrylic Nails - Extensions

£29.50 50 mins

Please note: we don't offer removal of extensions that have been applied by other salons.

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Acrylic Nails Infill

£51.00 45 mins

Maintenance due after 2 weeks for natural tip nail extensions to buff and refill the area at the base of your nails where they have grown.

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Acrylic infill with Shellac

£61.00 1 hour

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Full set of Acrylic Nail Extensions

£67.00 1 hour

If you want instant length to your nails and you struggle to grow your own, we add an extension to each of your natural nails and trim the length to suit you. You can choose from natural tips which are semi clear, or french which gives a white tip. We then coat the nails with acrylic overlay to give strength to your new nails. As your natural nails grow, you will develop a gap at the base of your nails which we can infill after around 2 weeks.

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Full set of Acrylic Nails with Shellac

£77.00 1 hr 10 mins

Full set of acrylic extensions to lengthen your nails with the addition of your choice of coloured Shellac polish which is cured under a UV lamp and stays super shiny and chip free around 2 weeks. Please book a separate treatment if you need a soak off.

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Full set of Ombre Acrylics

£78.00 1 hr 10 mins

a faded white to pink acrylic application

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